CSCUBS is over. Please find a few impressions from social networks on Storify. We will upload a photo gallery soon.

We invite all Students (CS and non-CS) to present their work e.g. Lab Results, Demo Programs, Original Research, Bachelor’s/ Master’s /PhD Thesis, Leisure/professional activities related to CS.

CSCUBS will have Dr. Andreas Ribbrock as a keynote speaker. Dr. Ribbrock is a Uni Bonn alumnus and will discuss the cool reasons behind why one should study computer science. The keynote will include a short presentation of Teradata, where Dr. Ribbrock works as a team lead and senior architect.

The Computer Science Conference of University of Bonn Students is awarding the Best Student Paper 2014 Award. The award is endowed with a prize of 500€ sponsored by Fraunhofer IAIS for the honored authors.

Our sponsor Fraunhofer IAIS always has jobs for CS graduates to offer; at the moment they are specifically looking for seasoned Java and C++ software developers proficient in German.

information about the CSCUBS Venue please check:

You can see the final schedule of CSCUBS here.

You can download the final schedule of CSCUBS here.


Program Chair: Judie Attard and Pascal Welke