The 2nd Computer Science Conference for University of Bonn Students (CSCUBS) will be held on May 20, 2015 (Dies Academicus) at the University of Bonn. CSCUBS is organized by PhD- and MSc-Students and aims to promote research in computer science and scientific exchange among students. The participation of researchers and practitioners of the field is also encouraged. CSCUBS intends to provide the ability to connect with each other and engage in discussions about the participants’ respective research and development, and also to establish opportunities for knowledge and technology sharing. Submissions to CSCUBS should describe new research or development related to Computer Science, including University projects, theses, and outcomes of other professional or leisure activities.

Call for Papers:

Important for PhD Students

For PhD students (including students who are about to start a PhD) we are organising a dedicated poster and networking session. This will require a 2-page abstract on the topic of your PhD. Accepted submissions will be presented as A0 posters.

In this poster session you will be able to network with other PhD students as well as identifying potential synergies.

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General Chair: Fabrizio Orlandi
Program Chair: Pascal Welke